Foundation Inspection.

Foundation Inspection

Your home’s foundation is vital to its overall health. Whether you have a concrete slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation, it’s important to have your foundation inspected regularly to ensure that there are no issues and it is as healthy as possible. Foundation inspections a service of popular demand; and for good reasons too. As a homeowner (or a home buyer), you want to make sure that the foundation of your home is firm and able to support your home structure.

Your home’s foundation is its core; and cracks or crumbling can seriously compromise its structural stability. So whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster or are just due for a foundation inspection, call the professionals at Quick Safe Home Inspections. Our Foundation Repair inspectors are Certified Foundation Repair Specialists and have the highest level of training and expertise when it comes to identifying any type of home foundation problems. A house typically needs a solid foundation on which to remain erect. A home’s foundation is just such a structural necessity that its proper function and overall condition cannot be overlooked. During a home inspection, the foundation is visually examined for signs of defect. A stone or concrete foundation may exhibit signs of cracking, but these could be fairly indicative of normal stresses.

A foundation inspection normally includes inspection of items like severe foundation damage, this requires a professional foundation inspection. There are two types of foundations in the Grand Junction area and those are slab and pier and beam. Both have different characteristics and you want somebody who has the experience to determine that the foundation is able to support the structure that is there. Another aspect of the foundation inspection is checking for foundation failure along with leaning walls, water penetration, and proper drainage.

Types of Foundation.

Slab Foundation
A concrete slab foundation – also called slab-on-grade – consists of a single layer of concrete that is several inches thick and is even thicker along the edges. It usually rests on top of a layer of crushed gravel for drainage purposes. Metal rods and wire mesh are added to the slab for reinforcement.

Raft Foundation
Raft foundations, also sometimes known as mat foundations, are similar in some respects to slab-on-grade foundations, in that the structure ultimately rests on a single concrete slab.

Pier Foundation
Pier foundations have strategically-placed vertical piers in place of them. The piers are created by drilling a series of holes deep into the ground. The ground must feature solid load-bearing soil for drilled pier foundations to be as strong as possible.

Basement foundation
Basement foundations are hollow sub-grade structures that are designed for living spaces and or work/storage. The structural design is governed by the functional requirements — rather than considerations from most-effective method to resist the hydrostatic pressure and external earth pressure.

Basic Foundation Inspection.

Foundation of the home will greatly compromise the utility and appearance of the building structure, homeowners will need to get the problems fixed as soon as possible. Disregarding the problem or postponing a foundation inspection can lead to more costly consequences that altogether compromise the structure of your home. Instead of waiting around, hire a professional foundation inspector to verify your foundation problems right away. Quick Safe Home Inspection is here to help. As an independent foundation and home inspection company, we have a group of passionate inspectors who knows structural engineering. Hire us now to find out the true condition of your foundation.

If you are on a slab foundation the inspector will first meet with you, the homeowner, and listen to the concerns you have with your foundation. They may ask you to walk through your home with them and point out anything that you have noticed that is out of the ordinary before they get started. They will then move to the outside of your home and take exterior home measurements. Next they will evaluate the entire exterior of the home and document any slab separation, brick cracking, fascia board breaking and all other anomalies.

Provides an opinion of the performance and need for repair of a building’s foundation based upon measurements made at the foundation and structure and visual inspection of the structure which provide insights into the foundation performance. When we get to your home, you can walk around the house showing us your concerns. We will then draw up the exterior of the house, draw up all the interior first floor rooms and take elevation measurements with our instruments. We note locations of problems such as cracks in the sheetrock, brick, or tile and take digital pictures. Prior to leaving the property, we will give you our overall impression of the problems.

Basic Foundation Inspection.

This service involves our inspectors and engineers documenting and reviewing the condition of visible/accessible structural members and components (i.e. Columns, Trusses, Beams, Slabs, Bearing Walls, etc.)

At Quick Safe Home Inspection, we offer a thorough foundation inspection performed by an experienced and licensed team member. We will help you find and treat issues quickly in order to make sure that your house has the best possible foundation. Over sixty percent of the time, our customers are aligned with engineers as we proceed with a foundation inspection and foundation restoration. Engineers can provide you with a repair plan for your foundation issues, which as your foundation contractor we will then implement. The specific repair plans provided by engineers often push foundation inspection and restoration companies to work harder and treat all of their customers fairly, from the foundation inspection and estimate until project completion.

When it comes to your property, you want peace of mind. And our in-depth, detailed inspections are designed to offer just that. Our specialists use expertise and the latest in technology to thoroughly inspect your home’s foundation, and we are meticulous in documenting the entire process. As we perform our careful inspection, we will make notes of any issues and determine the extent of your foundation damage. We will provide you with a full report, approximate repair costs, and help you schedule a time for repairs. Our detailed home inspection reports will provide you with the information you need to understand and evaluate on of the most important investments of your life – your home.

Quick Safe Home Inspection has extensive experience with the many different types of soils and foundations found in Grand Junction and around. The firm is also very familiar with the types of foundation repair methods used by local companies and contractors in Colorado. If your inspection reveals repairs are needed, we will consult with you about the best repair method for your home’s foundation and soil. If you are noticing signs of foundation issues in your home, or are in the process of buying or selling a house in central Texas, contact the friendly team at Quality Foundation Repair and we will help you get a thorough foundation inspection as soon as possible. We know that your home is only as healthy as its foundation and we are here to help. Our reports are honest, professional, and unbiased. When it comes to integrity, you can be sure that Quick Safe Home Inspection has your best interest in mind. Our Foundation Inspection package includes a thorough inspection performed by someone who is a pro structural engineering. Because we understand that the State of Colorado— particularly the Grand Junction area — is known for having expansive soil, we are willing to go a second mile in our inspection.

Every home deserves a solid foundation. So protect yourself and your property by getting the answers you deserve. Call Quick Safe Home Inspection today to learn more about our foundation inspection services. Quick Safe Home Inspection is a licensed, bonded and insured inspection firm specializing in residential, Commercial and foundation inspection. As a foundation inspection specialist, we assure our customers that we only employ the latest technology and excellent workmanship for greater resistance of any residential/commercial establishments from earthquakes. Our services are especially available in Grand Junction and other areas in Colorado.